Thursday, September 3, 2009

NHPC Ltd IPO allotment and refund problems

Hello Friends,

We are receiving lot of emails asking about the problem with NHPC Ltd IPO allotment and refunds. Here are few steps you can take to resolve these issues:

1. NHPC IPO Stocks allocated but not credited in your Demat Account.

This is mainly because of you have filled the wrong demat account information in IPO Application Form.

You may also see the following error on the allotment page:

"Shares are not credited due to the reason: Invalid dp details".

If you are having this problem, please follow the below steps to resolve it.

1. Visit following website:

2. Submit following information
    A. Company name = NHPC
    B. Application Number (use second box)= 12345678

3. Check the DP detail you have provided. Also at the bottom of the page you have an option to change the information.

4. If that doesn't work, contact Karvy at 129-2278421 and provide them the detail of your application.


2. Refund not received for NHPC IPO

If you have not chosen ASBA payment option, it usually takes around 10 working days to receive the payment. This is applicable for both direct transfers to your account as well as refund through cheque.

If you having difficulties with refund of NHPC IPO, please follow below steps:

1. Visit following page and enter your application information:

2. At the bottom you will see the payment information including when it was dispatched and how. If you expecting refund through cheque, do not forgot to visit you post office and check of registered post.

If there is any trouble processing your refund, this page will provide you the exact error and the way to resolve it.

3. If that doesn't work, contact Karvy at 129-2278421 and provide them the detail of your application.

Hope these steps will help resolving the problems. Feel free to post your questions or comments and our team will try to help you with any of your IPO related problems.

Please remember that ‘Registrar of the IPO' (Karvy in case of NHPC Ltd IPO) is responsible for processing IPO applications. This includes allotment and refund processing. The issuer company, lead manager or broker are not responsible for this and should not be contacted for the same.

Regards, Support