Friday, March 12, 2010

NMDC Limited FPO final bidding info,

NMDC Ltd FPO finally subscribed 1.25 times. NMDC FPO was open on Mar 10, 2010 and closed today on Mar 12, 2010 for subscription. NMDC has received bids for 41,37,93,060 shares as against issue size of 33,22,43,200 shares.

Sr.No.CategoryNo.of shares offered/reservedNo. of shares bid forNo. of times of total meant for the category
1Qualified Institutional Buyers (QIBs)1652500003774999002.2844
1(a)Foreign Institutional Investors (FIIs) 8340420 
1(b)Domestic Financial Institutions(Banks/ Financial Institutions(FIs)/ Insurance Companies) 363311500 
1(c)Mutual Funds 5847980 
1(d)Others 0 
2Non Institutional Investors49575000109260400.2204
2(a)Corporates 8229740 
2(b)Individuals (Other than RIIs) 2014600 
2(c)Others 681700 
3Retail Individual Investors (RIIs)115675000252518200.2183
3(a)Cut Off 19428380 
3(b)Price Bids 5823440 
4Employee Reservation17432001153000.0661
4(a)Cut Off 70620 
4(b)Price Bids 44680

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