Friday, July 27, 2012

SME IPOs for BSE and NSE Listings - Who are benefitted??

- By Dilip Davda

As we know, SEBI has allowed BSE and NSE to open separate windows for trading on SME platform. While BSE has branded it as BSE-SME and NSE has branded it as EMERGE. So far we have seen few SME IPOs that were for BSE SME listings only. But a maiden IPO from Thejo Engineering is round the corner for NSE EMERGE listing.

On listing performance, three IPOs listed so far on BSE SME have fared on an average note due to market making efforts. Max Alert is the only exceptional case where with a petty 18000 shares volume we have seen debut day gain of over 145%. But for the rest the debut day gain remained within normal trends of around 5%.

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