Wednesday, December 11, 2013

30 Days Free Trading + Zero Account Opening Fees - RKSV

2014 is upon us. As a chance to enjoy some great savings on brokerage products, RKSV is offering 30 days free trading on all segments until December 31. That's right! Equity, F&O, Currency and Commodity trading free for 30 days for all new customers! Also, enjoy zero account opening fees until December 31. There really is no obligation for you to join and it's free to try.

Brand new NEST trading software

Trade all major segments under one umbrella. Track your positions and place orders on your mobile phone, tablet, web or desktop. Get instant support over phone and email.

UP and KA residents save more money

Uttar Pradesh and Karnataka residents will be billed stamp duty as per their state instead of Maharashtra. For day traders and investors, this will further reduce your breakeven costs!

Option margins available along with market orders

RKSV offers 2X margin on options. Trade more with less! Market orders are also available on RKSV NEST Trader on all segments.

The RKSV Dream Plan

Just Rs. 25 per trade
Zero brokerage
Trade Cash F&O MCX Currency
Instant fund transfer to and from banks

The RKSV Freedom Plan

India's favourite day trader plan
Unlimited trading zero brokerage
Avail on all four major segments
Full refund policy every month

Avail the 30 days free trading offer with zero account opening fees across all segments on all trading plans before December 31, 2013. Simply leave your contact information with us and we will take care of the rest.