Sunday, January 25, 2015

RKSV Offer Rs 2000 Brokerage Credit and more ...

 RKSV, The Discount Broker

RKSV, the top discount broker in India offers trading at BSE, NSE and MCX.

RKSV has an exclusive offer for you:
  1. Rs 2000 Brokerage Credit +
  2. 5 Free Trade Every Month (For Life) +
  3. Zero Account Opening Fee
This is the best opportunity for you to try a discount broker. RKSV offers low-cost brokerage services through following plans.

RKSV Stock / Commodity Trading Plans

1. The Dream Plan - Flat Rs 20 per trade + 5 free trades every month for life
Trade small or big quantities without worrying about your brokerage bill.

2. RKSV Pro Plan (Flat monthly fees for unlimited trades)

For a fixed monthly fee, execute as many trades as you want. RKSV offers three Pro Plans:

  • Rs 3,999 Plan - Unlimited trading in Equity Cash and F%26O segments.
  • Rs 1,999 Plan - Unlimited trading in NSE Currency F&O segments.
  • Rs 2,999 Plan - Unlimited trading in MCX Commodity Futures segment.

3. The Ultimate plan (Flat monthly fees for unlimited trades in all segments)

Unlimited trades in all segments (Eq, Commodities and Currency Derivatives at BSE, NSE and MCX) at Rs 9,999 per month.

 RKSV Rs 2000 Brokerage Credit on New Account Opening


  • RKSV offers variety of brokerage plans and flexibility to switch between them.
  • Offers 5 free trades per month for life which is great for passive investors.
  • No minimum brokerage. Possible to trade in penny stocks or in small quantity.
  • No hidden charges (except additional Rs 20 charge for call & trade).
  • RKSV offers referral benefit of 10% of brokerage from customers you refer.
  • RKSV offers cover orders and bracket orders.
  • Opening demat account is optional.
  • All software's are free including trading terminal, website and mobile app.

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