Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Upstox: India's first truly free investing app. Finally, buy and sell stocks at 0% brokerage

Say Hello to Upstox
Free investing at 0% brokerage  

Upstox is India's first FREE investing app for your phone. 0% brokerage on all your trades in equity delivery segment.

Truly free investing. You can finally, for the first time ever, place a trade without having to pay a single paisa towards brokerage or fees.

It's time for you reap the rewards you deserve.  

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Get Early Access on Upstox

Signup using the link above and get added to our priority wait list for Upstox. We'll shoot you an email as soon as your account is activated.  

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If you want to get super early access to Upstox, become a customer of RKSV and mention that you are referred by Chittorgarh.com - your account opening fees get waived off! Additionally, if you are switching from another broker, you get credited RS. 2000 immediately.

RKSV is among the fastest growing broker in India.

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