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IPO Alert Blog RSS Feed (Gadget)

IPO Alert Blog provides free IPO News RSS Feed for India Stock Market. Website owners / blog writers can use this RSS feed to publish current IPO news on there website or blog. Using RSS feed is really easy and take just few minutes to set it up.

Below are few easy ways to add IPO News on your website:


Where do you wanna add RSS Feed? Try this…

Google Home Page

Google Reader
Click on the below link to add IPO Alert Blog RSS feed on your Google Home Page or Google Reader:

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If you use FeedBurner to read RSS feeds, use the below link:

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On your website To add RSS feed on your website you could either write your own code in your preferred language or use below pre written Java script code from Google to embed IPO Alert Blogs RSS feed on your website.
1. Horizontal Copy the below source code, paste it your HTML code and you are done. Below code is for 'Horizontal' Google AJAX based code and provides a nice presentation of feed.

2. Vertical Below code provides nice vertical AJAX based view for RSS Feed. Simply copy the below code in you HTML and you are done.